C#, C++, Javascript, HLSL, PHP, HTML


Unity, OpenFrameWorks, node, Cinder, Processing, Arduino, HTML5 Canvas, WPF, XNA


Vive, Rift, HoloLens, GearVR, Vuforia


Kinect, Compute Shaders, OpenCV, OpenGL, Google Maps, Farseer Physics, Phidgets, OSC


Lateral thinking, soldering, simple circuit design, physical prototyping, power tools, system design, 3D modeling, audio engineering, music production, eating, sleeping


Whatever it takes



2016 - present

Paganucci Studios - VR/AR Developer, Unity Developer, Creative Technologist

Clients: Ford, Hasbro, Microsoft

Types of work: VR/AR applications, multi-user/shared space VR, interactive environments and installations

Roles: Development, UX/UI design, concept pitching and design, prototyping, project architecture


2013 - 2016

Digital Kitchen - Creative Technologist

Clients: Microsoft, Twitter, FX, Brooks Running, big companies I can’t talk about, small companies you’ve never heard of

Types of work: Interactive environments and installations, VR, games, microsites, widgets, doodads

Roles: Software development, concept pitching and design, hardware/software/platform architecture, UX/UI design, electronics, construction


2005 - 2013

Hornall Anderson - Creative Technologist

Clients: Madison Square Garden, Space Needle, Microsoft, Starbucks, Vulcan/Amazon, T-Mobile, GE

Types of work: Interactive environments, kiosks, "virtual reality", web applications, web sites, games, vending machines, graphics engines, brand concepting, sensor design, and lots of less sexy-sounding stuff.

Roles: Software development, concept design, hardware/software/platform recommendations, UX/UI design, electronics, construction

Lab: Helped start - and was the main contributor to - the Hornall Anderson eXperience (HAX) lab. I didn't name it. Worked on fifteen or so projects, concepted many of them, designed a few, finished most. Some were complete failures, but interesting ones. For the last two years of my employment I took on a leadership role in trying to promote wider use of the lab as an engine for innovation and creativity.


2003 - 2005  

Hornall Anderson, Various Clients - Contract Web Developer

Developed sites for HA using HTML, XSL, C#, ASP, Javascript, CSS and Flash. Also contributed to UX and graphic production. 

Designed and developed highly scalable e-commerce retail sites for small businesses. This included coding in PHP, Javascript, CSS, PERL and HTML, interface design, graphic production and database design in MySQL.


1995 - 1999    

Advanced Interactive Systems - Software Engineer

Designed and developed 2D and 3D games and simulations for police training simulators.

Developed applications from concept to finish including game design, interface design, programming (Win32, MFC, DirectX), graphics, and sound.

Designed and implemented tools for producing simulation content – for example, a C++ application which allowed users to edit video sequences in order to create branching scenarios for police training.



Bachelors of Science, Industrial Engineering, June 1997 - University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Studies Included:  Virtual Reality, Computer Programming, Human-Computer Interface Design, Human Factors, Product Design and Development, Project Management