Hi. I am an experience designer/developer with over 20 years of experience programming, designing, and making. Much of that time was spent at two amazing agencies, Digital Kitchen and Hornall Anderson, redefining technology's role in branding and architectural experiences.

My passion falls at the intersection of art, technology, games and design. I believe the strongest way to communicate ideas to others is through surprise and delight. It breaks through the wall of apathy and distrust most people have built up after a lifetime of being bombarded with advertising.

I love being involved in a project from inception to production. I enjoy developing an idea with a team, researching and prototyping technologies, and building the final product.

While I tend to think of myself as a creative first, my engineering background allows me to be analytical when choosing the right technologies. I prefer an agnostic approach, selecting hardware, software, sensors and algorithms based on what is best for the project at hand. Often this means learning a new programming language, or improvising a new type of sensor to accomplish what we want, but the trade-off is creating something unique, beautiful, performant, and robust.