The FX network approached Digital Kitchen to create an experience at Comic Con to promote their TV series The Strain.

The Strain is a horror show created by Guillermo del Toro about a virus that mutates people into vampires. We wanted to immerse fans in the gruesome world and basically scare the pants off of them, so we chose to create a "4-D" VR experience (the "fourth dimension" being haptic feedback in the form of air gusts and seat rumbles).

The result was a major success, eliciting screams and laughter from the hundreds of people that went through. Guillermo del Toro and the cast of The Strain tried it out and loved it, and Fortune magazine named it one of the top 5 VR experiences at Comic Con.

My Role: concepting, system architecture, synchronization system, build, back-of-house support

Tech used: Samsung GearVR, Bluetooth transmitters, Max, Vezer